Barn Hunt Photos

If you would like to purchase photos taken by Wildwood Kennels from this past weekend's Barn Hunt, please first visit the photo website here to find the photos you would like to purchase, then make your donation here on the LABR website. Photos are $10 for the first and $5 for any additional photos of any dogs.

Meet The Rescues

Meet The Rescues

Looking for your new best friend?
We are housing some wonderful dogs ready now for their new homes. We are committed to finding forever homes for each and every rescue that comes our way. Consider adopting today!

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We are happy to share with you some of our successful adoptions. Adopted from Louisiana Boxer Rescue? Share your pictures and updates with us, send us your photos through our Facebook page and we will get them added to our "Adopted" album.

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Rocky Needs a Home

Rocky first came into rescue in February 2013. We estimated his age at around 7 to 8 years old, and when he was adopted the next month in March we were ecstatic as seniors normally do not get adopted that fast in rescue. We were very hopeful with Rocky's new home, but unfortunately he was returned in June because he was not longer acting like himself. His previous foster home gladly took him back, and immediately noticed he was very sick. A visit to the vet revealed a large tumor in the back of Rocky's throat, limited vision in his right eye, and some neurological symptoms. He likely has a slow growing brain tumor. As these are normally inoperable, his foster family decided to treat him with palliative medicine. On his current medication, Rocky is thriving. The tumor in his mouth has shrunk, and he has a lot more energy. He does have his bad days, but Rocky is still happy and content. It is unknown how much time Rocky has left. It could be weeks or maybe even years. Although his foster family is prepared to keep him for the rest of his time, we would still love to find him a family that can provide him with lots of love and care. Rocky's foster mom brags that he is the perfect gentleman. He never has an accident in the house. He even has free roam of the house when they are gone. He gets along with male and female dogs, and loves people and children. Despite the fact that Rocky has had a rough life, he is living it up with Louisiana Boxer Rescue and still has so much love to give.

Can you give Rocky a loving home? Fill out an application online.

Consider A Senior

"Harley"has a sad story... His original owners were involved in a car accident and passed away, he was then bounced from home to home before ending up in a different rescue organization. He was then adopted and lived with them for several years until he had a growth come up and the family can no longer afford him. He is perfectly house trained, has been through obedience school, a true couch potato and adores children! He is now 7 years old and just wants a final stable home

Help Us, Help Them! Consider Adopting a Senior!

We have several seniors in rescue now, can you open your heart and give one a home? Fill out an application online. They are all well mannered and very loving!

In The Spotlight

has been doing wonderful in rescue and has the sweetest demeanor. She is a little reserved, but comes around quickly and will win you over with her docile personality. She is crate trained and dog and kid friendly. not sure about cats because there are none in her foster home. She is est 2 years old.

Please consider making a donation toward a rescue in need. Get daily updates on the rescues on facebook!

In Memory

Remembering BusterBuster Brown - 12-27-12

"I'll never forget the day we brought him home. Our son Brad was house-sitting for us while we were gone. Brad was laying in the floor watching TV when we brought Buster in the door. Buster went running over to Brad, licked him on the nose, and laid down beside him like he'd known him his entire life. Later that afternoon after Brad had left, Karen was sitting on the couch and Buster sat down in front of her and looked at her as is to say "Aren't you going to invite me up there with you?" I got a couch cover we'd had for Waffle, the boxer we'd lost several months earlier and Buster climbed up on the couch by Karen and laid his head in her lap just like Waffle used to do. Karen was convinced that Buster was channeling Waffle. I was so pleased to see him do that. Buster was convinced that everyone that came in the door had come to see him and he acted accordingly. He was always happy. As Brad said, no matter what kind of a day you were having, when you came in the door and saw Buster, you just had to smile. My brother always called him Mr. Personality. As I'm sure you can tell, Buster was much more than a pet to us. He was a dearly loved member of our family."
Jim and Karen

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Vote for Louisiana Boxer Rescue

Help Louisiana Boxer Rescue win needed funds. PLEASE take a moment to vote, you can vote EVERYDAY from EVERY DEVICE (computer, phone, tablet, etc.). The contest is thru the end of April, so vote everyday, tell your friends and family too! The Animal Rescue Site chooses eligible rescue organizations to receive grants to help animals in need! It's easy:

    Go to The Animal Rescue Site Contest:
  1. Search for Louisiana Boxer Rescue
  2. Select the State LA
  3. Click "Vote" next to our name from search results
  4. Enter code shown to confirm your vote
  5. Vote everyday! Thank you!

Special Mentions

Two amazing young girls raise $1200.00 for Boxer Rescue! Harleigh and Cleo organized a "Fun Dog Competition" that was held Saturday, October 27, 2012. These young girls put together an incredible event raising funds for their charity of choice. This year they selected Louisiana Boxer Rescue!! Much thanks and gratitude goes to these inspiring young girls for their efforts and support!! Harleigh and Cleo YOU ROCK!


Louisiana Boxer Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation is tax deductible. We operate entirely from donations. There are many ways that you can donate to our rescue efforts.


Our success and operation depend solely on our volunteers who lend their time selflessly because of their love for animals and desire to help others. Consider volunteering anyway you can, a few hours of your time can make a world of difference.

  • Foster a dog
  • Help with fundraisers
  • Transport dogs/Pet Sit
  • Walk & bathe dogs
  • Volunteer

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