Be Boxer Strong
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Every year, Louisiana Boxer Rescue takes in over 100 abused, neglected, or abandoned Boxers from shelters. The vast majority of the Boxers that come in have major ailments, including heartworms or skin conditions like mange, or are so malnourished that you don’t know if they will survive.

Here’s where the dedicated Volunteers come in: we work to bring the neglected and abused boxers back to health. Depending on the condition of the Boxers, the vet bills can be very, very costly. Just treating one rescue for heartworms can cost anywhere from $300 on up. It’s not unusual to spend $800-1300 on a single rescue in its course of our care before we adopt them out to new families.

We are totally dependent on fundraisers and donations from people like you to help us follow our mission. Please consider purchasing a T-shirt – all money raised goes directly to the rescues!

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