Rygel is a Boxer mix puppy, 4 months old, born June 2. His mom is full Boxer, and dad, well we’re not sure. He’s been bottle fed, well loved, and spoiled rotten by his foster mom. Rygel is crate trained and almost has potty training down pat. He listens well, is very treat motivated, knows sit, down, and is learning figure 8s. Rygel gets along well with all the other dogs in the household and he can be vocal when he knows it is time for breakfast or dinner. Rygel is showing signs of having a good prey drive as he was the first one to alert to a critter in one of the trees. For those parents involved in dog sports, Barn Hunt would probably appeal to Rygel. If interested in this adorable baby, please fill out an application online and mention Rygel.