Dakota is a solid white Boxer, who is estimated to be around two years old. He is incredibly sweet and loves to play with toys. Dakota is deaf and will need a forever family that will help him adjust to his new environment. He is learning hand signals, and he already knows the signs for sit, shake, and go potty. Dakota will need a family who can be both firm and understanding. His forever family will need to continue working with him on hand signals. Dakota is uneasy in new situations, and since he can become fearful easily, his forever family must understand that he will need to be kept on a leash or in a secure yard any time he is outside. Dakota loves other dogs and plays very well with both the male and female dog in his foster home. I think that he will do best in a home with another dog, as he looks to the other dogs for direction. He is a little too interested in cats and would probably not do well in a home with cats. He is very loving to people. Dakota has such a sweet spirit, and he will make a great addition to the right family.