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Louisiana Boxer Rescue (LaBR) is an all volunteer, non profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and safe rehoming of abandoned, neglected and abused boxers. We work with local animal welfare institutions and join in their efforts to educate the community about responsible dog ownership.

Louisiana Boxer Rescue, located in New Orleans, provides a safe haven for boxers surrendered by their owners or that have come from an animal shelter. Unlike a shelter, our rescues live with a foster family during their interim where they are cared for and loved, receive behavior evaluations and observation that assists us in finding them the best suited permanent homes. They receive necessary veterinary care, including required vaccinations, spaying/neutering and heart worm treatment. Once care and evaluations are complete, the boxers are then ready for adoption. Founder, Connie Back and LaBR volunteers have rescued and found homes for 1,200+ boxers during it's almost 16 years in operation.

Founder, Louisiana Boxer Rescue

Connie Back

Connie Back, Founder Louisiana Boxer Rescue Founder, Connie Back met her first true love 20 years ago and has been head over heels ever since. She began her rescue efforts after saving a boxer off the streets of New Orleans, placing an ad to locate the owner she was contacted by a rescue volunteer who introduced her to breed rescue. For more than 16 years she has rescued and placed in excess of 1,200 boxers. Member of the Boxer Club of Louisiana, Deep South Obedience Club, Visiting Pet Program of New Orleans and The American Boxer Club. She was awarded the 1st American Boxer Club "Unsung Hero" award in 2011 for her dedication to Boxer Rescue, and fosters as many as 15 boxers at any given time. In her spare time she instructs her own obedience classes, both traditional beginners and novice courses through her own training program Obedience Heals. She is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and has many credits and accomplishments to her name in addition to putting some pretty impressive titles on her own dogs in both conformation and performance. She also teaches obedience classes for the LASPCA and Abadie Vet hospital, as well as offering free classes to rescued boxers. She has 5 boxers of her own, Scotty, Nicki, Cozette, Rockett & Miss Tilly.

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Posted on September 20, 2011 at 9:36 PM - Updated Wednesday, Sep 21 at 6:15 AM
Angela Hill / Eyewitness News   wwltv.com

NEW ORLEANS -- In 1996 Connie Back was driving by Jesuit High School and saw a lost and scared boxer. She stopped and opened her car door.

"And she didn't hesitate, she jumped into my car and I thought, what do I do now?" she said.

What she did was find the dog's owner, but what she discovered in that process is that Louisiana didn’t have a boxer rescue group. So she started one.

Fifteen years later she has rescued and found homes for 1,200 boxers.

"We placed over 150 last year," she said. "I just did the numbers. We placed 53 year-to-date today."

Some have been heartbreakers, like one poor soul found tethered to a house, riddled with mange. Back saved it and brought it back to health.

"It lives healthy and happily with a new family," Back said.

More recently there was Issac, found tethered in Livingston Parish, covered in mange, his feet so swollen he could barely walk. His owners were arrested for cruelty.

Now, three weeks later under Back’s care, he is loving his life. "I have to say the majority of dogs we get are not abused, but neglected. It's just getting them healthy again and they forget quickly. And that's the amazing thing about this breed and probably most dogs in general, is that they are so forgiving."

Back’s name and number is at every animal shelter in Lousiana. A boxer comes in, she is called. And she has created a network of 13 foster homes – incredible people who will take one or two boxers and help them get ready for a new home.

Now she is fostering 10 boxers in her backyard kennel.

Back has worked for a local manufacturer for 30 years, but each day comes home for lunch to let the dogs out to play.

"Kaiser is shy but warms up quickly," Back said. "He has a little problem with his back legs."

Amelia is a little wild child and Amelia is deaf, but all of these dogs are happy and healthy and appreciative.

"I love rehabilitating,” Back said. "I love watching the transformation from very ill and sad, very scared to very confident to a boxer again."

Back does this day in and day out, but she said it comes with incredible support.

"I’ll come home and I'll find four or five 50 lb bags of dog food at my gate from a previous adopter left for us, or somebody just heard about me and had extra food," she said.

Running the boxer rescue is tough and there are moments of exhaustion and burnout. But Back has her own method of handling them.

"I settle down when it’s late at night and I know all the dogs are settled in the kennel and i just look at them," she said.

"They are all curled up and they are sound asleep in their air conditioned kennel, and I look back at where they came from and I look at them there and I say, I'm OK now. This is why I do this."

Back was recently given the unsung hero award by the American Boxer Club, national recognition for her work here in Louisiana.

Forever In Our Hearts | June 28, 1957-September 8, 2007

Kim Langlois

Kim began volunteering soon after answering a call to pull and transport a boxer from Baton Rouge to LaBR. Later she became Asst. Director for LaBR and was personally involved for eight years with foster care, medical attention and placements of over 300 boxers. Rescue work was her passion, she epitomized the term "Boxer Mom" devoting every spare moment to the care of rescued boxers. Her dedication and hard work led to the successful acceptance of our 501(c)(3), and setting up our first website. She housed as many as 20 rescued boxers at any given time, caring for them with love and devotion never once neglecting one for the other. We carry on in her memory.

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